Safety Tips

General safety tips

Here are our safety tips for trading on Zinggati Marketplace

  • Don’t share your sensitive data or e-mail address in the title or description
  • Its better to communicate through zinggati marketplace app - we can’t help you if something goes wrong and you haven’t spoken via chat
  • Don’t share sensitive data in the public Q&A


All buyers:

  • Make sure you have asked everything you need to know about the products/service in the Q&A before buying. Only make an offer if you’re sure and ready to buy
  • When collecting your goods make sure you check the item thoroughly before handed over any cash
  • If you’re not meeting up, only pay directly through zinggati marketplace app so you’re covered with Buyers TOS
  • Make sure you get proof of authenticity when buying high value branded items such as properties etc.


If you’re selling:

  • Always get proof of posting and if you can choose an insured posting method - that means the courier will cover you if the parcel goes missing
  • Make sure you’ve received the money before posting the item - we always recommend using our built-in payment system.
  • Take clear and detailed photos of the item you’re selling so buyers know exactly what they’re getting.
  • Be honest about the condition of the item, including any flaws or damages Don't make false claims about the item you're selling.
  • Ensure you have met all legal requirements for selling the item(s) you are offering.
  • Don't sell any illegal or counterfeit items.
  • When meeting in person, choose a public place for safety and bring a friend or family member if possible.
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